Irradiated City is a radioactive naturally generated building in It is a very important building since it is where players will harvest big wires which are needed to craft all tesla items (Tesla bench, laser submachine, etc). There are also many safes and barrels of gasoline that often times have more loot in them since the radiation poses a deterrent to many players.

Precaution before exploring

The radiation in the city is the same as being next to uranium ore/radioactive ghoul. Since the player will usually enter for prolonged amounts of time to get big wires, it is useful to come prepared. You can harvest all the big wires and get out quickly with 2 bandages, 2 dynamite and a spear. Otherwise you can also replace the 2 bandages with a Radiation Mask. You must do this quickly however. Once you have your spear and required items, you are prepared to go harvest big wires. (You will need a spear for what comes next.) It is also not recommended by skilled players to upgrade your radiation protection to a Radiation Suit due to the fact that it is not necessary and will take more time and skill points.

The second method requires a different setup, as it is less risky than the first, since many players cannot pull off the first method properly. For this method the Radiation Suit and a Hammer works best, but a player can also use a Min. Radiation Suit, a Hammer and a couple of RadAways are needed. If you do not have radaways or meds, you will have to go in and out of the city to refresh your radiation bar. This method is recommended to new players.

The second method is less risky and more beginner friendly than the first.

Harvesting Big Wires

Screenshot (731).png

When you have your dynamite, bandages / radiation mask and spear, you are prepared to go into the Irradiated City and get big wires. The building that contains the big wires will always be in the top middle tile of the city and will have vaults/wooden spike traps surrounding it. Once you are next to the building run to the door on the top, as you do not have much time to waste. Then when next to a wall adjacent to the pressure plate, throw your spear at it and it will open the door. (as seen in the picture)Then break the two logic gates in the middle and place your 2 dynamite next to the two lamps in the middle and stand clear. If you can't use a spear to get in, the code for the computer room is red green green red green green. (However you will need more bandages if you are doing it this way).

If you are using the hammer method, WALK to the doors to safe energy, and use the spear to open the door as described above. Then break as many big computers before you need to go out of the city to refresh your radiation meter.

It is also useful to have a pressure plate or some explosives to blow open the walls, as savages can easily trap you inside the tesla room.

Map and building

Screenshot (726).png
Number Description Building picture
The Irradiated City has 9 buildings and can be represented on the map by some houses and atomexplosion with the radioactive symbol on it.
1 Smallest building. You need to break the door but there aren't that many useful things, although there are chances to find some uranium and big wires.
2 Building where you can collect big wires. There are many boxes and you can get many rare items, just make sure you have a way out, because savages may trap you in there.
3 This building has 2 safes. If you can break the door, you can get many rare items.
4 A normal building, but the 2 TV's and the computer can be broken for parts.
5 Press the button to reach the safe.
6 The largest building. It contains many boxes and also some good loot.
7 Complicated building. The code is green, red, red, green, green. Later place any item on three triggers and run through the door. You will probably find a rare item.

Do not use code green, red, red, red, green because this is a trap. The door will close after 5 second.

8 A normal building. It has 1 computer which can be broken for metal and other parts.
9 This building resembles a rafinery or an oil mine. You can collect gasoline here.